Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh

Associate, Qualegal

Shruti Singh holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, where she excelled academically and developed a keen interest in writing and research. She has published several works and demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic throughout her academic career.

During her academic years, Shruti was a dedicated legal intern, known for her ability to meet strict deadlines, research issues and case laws, and provide excellent organizational support. She has gained substantial knowledge and skills in legal research and analysis through her work under Advocates of the Supreme Court and District Courts, as well as various law firms and organizations.

Shruti has conducted extensive research in the fields of Consumer Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Civil Laws, and Environmental Laws. She has drafted SLPs, complaints, and legal notices, and has assisted her seniors in preparing for court proceedings and dispute resolution processes. Additionally, she has been involved in organizational tasks such as briefing and client counselling.